How To Set Up A Blog

1) Sign Up For A Web Host

A web host is simply a site server that has the ability to power your site and troubleshoot it whenever necessary. Without a web host, you cannot have a running website. There are free web hosting options out there, but if you want a more stable site with higher up times and faster load speeds, it’s best to pay for a reliable web host company.

Everybody should start with the most basic, cheapest package possible, and add more server power as traffic grows. Start with the basic package at only $2.95 a month, ignore all the add-ons, and go from there. You do not need to add all the add ons they ask. Just the basics to keep the cost as low as possible

when you first start.

I’ve currently got a dedicated server with a dedicated person monitoring my site that costs ~$200/month. But I’ve also been blogging for over seven years and have over 1M pageviews a month. Start small, and work your way up.



2) Find a Domain Name

Bluehost provides a free domain name for one year to everybody who signs up. When selecting your domain name, here are some tips:

  1. Choose a domain that is unique, fun, and easy to remember e.g.
  2. Choose a name with a phrase or key word that is often searched for e.g. “Financial Independence”
  3. Choose a domain name that is completely unique or spelled differently e.g. Yakezie, Houzz
  4. Choose a shorter domain name because it is generally easier to spell and get right than a longer domain name e.g. vs.
  5. Choose a domain name that ends in .com for more credibility, followed by .org and .net.

I spent about one hour brainstorming a list of possible domain names and then went on Bluehost to see what was available. Once you get on the site, click the basic hosting plan for only $2.95/month to get you to the next page where you can input your New FREE Domain name when you sign up with Bluehost. Start punching away to see what’s available! If your domain name is not available, Bluehost will give you a whole bunch of suggestions as to what’s available.

3) Hosting Options Package

After you’ve selected the basic package and found a free domain name that works, you’ll come across this portion of the sign up page with a whole bunch of different options. If you don’t want anybody knowing who owns your site, click Domain Privacy Protection. The Site Backup Pro for $1.99 a month may be a good idea because you never want to lose your work. Buonce you get your site up and running, there are free plug-ins that will backup your data for free. I wouldn’t choose and pay for any of the other options.

Congratulations! You now own your very own website!

4) Install WordPress

For 2018, Bluehost has allowed new users to sign up directly through their platform! WordPress is by far the most popular publishing platform on the web. WordPress is easy to set up, easy to use, and extremely customizable with endless amounts of free widgets and themes to choose from.

This experience allows customers to sign-up for Bluehost with a one-click automatic WordPress install at sign-up. You no longer have to manually install WordPress. See the below screenshots to see how easy it is to install. is on WordPress, and has been since 2009.



5) Choose A Professional Looking Theme

Genesis Themes

The Genesis Theme is one of the most beloved WordPress themes out there. Genesis is what Financial Samurai uses. For a one time fee of $59.95 through StudioPress, Genesis will provide you a simple, sleek layout that is fully customizable. The theme is also Search Engine Optimization friendly and loads faster than other designs due to its framework. Load speed and design are critical for all websites. Studies show that if a webpage doesn’t load within three seconds, the majority of users will click elsewhere.

Go Generic Themes

If you don’t want to pay money for a Genesis Theme, you can always go generic. There are hundreds and hundreds of great free themes to choose from. I used one for a year until I kept coming across other websites that used my same theme. I wanted to be unique, so I finally went with Genesis. The great thing about Genesis is that it is well followed by thousands of independent web designers. So if you ever want to get someone to customize your beautiful site, you’ve got plenty of people who can do it for you.


Do These 5 Things To Grow Your Site

1) Comment on larger blogs in your niche. If you leave a well-thought-out comment on a popular article, you will most likely have some readers trickle your way. It might just be one or two from each comment, but if you comment in many well-known places you will notice your readership increase quite impressively. Each comment will leave a link-back to your site and links are the currency of the web.

2) Write great content where you have an edge. It’s better to write from experience because there are too many pontificators out there who clearly don’t know what they are talking about. For example, if you are not retired, then writing about retirement life won’t be credible. Always think about what makes your content unique, entertaining, and value-added.

3) Guest post on larger blogs. Guest posting on larger blogs in your niche is one of the best ways to supercharge your traffic and create an audience. Before guest posting, try and get to know the blogger for 3-6 months. Comment on his site and share his posts over your social media network. He will take notice of your tireless support. Now it’s time to reach out over e-mail and ask if you can create a custom guest post that jives off a topic he’s already written about or write something brand new. Have at least one link back to your site.

4) Build a community. Remember that your community is always first. The biggest blogs in the world have built great followings because they share personal stories and opinions on things they care about. Once you have a community of raving fans, they will become your greatest supporters. Before publishing any post, ask yourself whether the post is something your community wants to read.

5) Have a consistent writing schedule. Financial Samurai usually publishes on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and sometimes on the weekend. I stuck with this three-posts-a-week schedule without fail for five years and readers have come to appreciate the consistency. It’s important you create a regular publishing schedule in order to build appreciation, loyalty, and trust with your ever growing reader base.


How Much Money Can You Make Online?

The sky really is the limit regarding how much you can make online. Getting rich is all about having leverage. You’ve got maximum leverage once you start your site since there is no limit to how many people can visit your site 24-7, unlike a retail store.

The main ways to make money with your website are the following:

  1. Finding consulting opportunities
  2. Finding new work opportunities
  3. Selling your own product like an eBook, artwork, photographs, online course
  4. Selling someone else’s great product with an affiliate program (CPA)
  5. When someone clicks on an ad (CPC ads like Google Adsense)
  6. When someone views your banner add (CPM)
  7. When someone pays you to publish a sponsored post of theirs
  8. When a company hires you to be their brand ambassador
  9. When someone sees your talks and hires you for a speaking gig
  10. When a larger site wants to buy your site

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing For Free

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing For Free

The number one request I get on a daily basis is “How do I make money with zero investment?”. Well, today, I’m going to show you the best way for you to make money online for free, with affiliate marketing. You won’t have to invest a single penny.

Jump Straight To Your 100 Day Free Affliate Bootcamp

I’ll talk more about the 100 day FREE affliate bootcamp later. But if you’d like to jump straight to it, click the button below.

how to make money online free affiliate marketing

Let’s Get Into It – How To Make Money For Free With No Investment Needed

how to make money online for free affiliate marketing

This method is going to be for absolutely anyone.

We all want a way to make money for free, with no investment needed, right?

Well that’s why this is for anyone!

However, I would say this is primarily for anyone who’s just starting to test the waters with making money online. If you’ve been a bit sceptical and don’t really feel comfortable investing any money into an online program yet, then this is definitely for you.

Or, if you’re a broke individual who actually has nothing to invest. Don’t worry, most of us have been in your position before. But that can all change if you follow this guide to make money online for free.

But before we get into it, just because you can make money with no investment needed with this method, doesn’t mean I don’t recommend investing in an online business.

Spend money to make money.

I would highly suggest that you invest the money you make from this into more online ventures so you can make EVEN MORE money!

how to make money online for free affiliate marketing

So let’s just jump into it. You’re all probably wondering.. How? How can I make money online with 0$ invested?

We’re going to become an affiliate for ClickFunnels.

how to make money online for free affiliate marketing

ClickFunnels has a very, very good affiliate program where you can earn 40% commissions on every single thing anyone you refer purchases on the platform (I’ll talk more about this later).

So what we’re going to be doing is promoting ClickFunnels, and getting people to sign up using our affiliate link. To do this, we’re going to be using free methods to get free traffic.

how to make money online for free affiliate marketing

You might be thinking to yourself right now, “What the heck is ClickFunnels? I’ve never heard of it!”

ClickFunnels is an online sales funnel builder. It helps businesses market, sell and deliver all sorts of products online. ClickFunnels makes marketing, selling and delivering products and services very, very easy. They do this by providing pre-built funnel options for specific businesses, products or services.

ClickFunnels makes it incredibly easy to create a sales funnel completely from scratch.

Usually, when building a sales funnel, you have a lot of stuff to deal with and worry about. Things such as website hosting, creating landing pages, setting up an autoresponder, and the hardest part, getting them to all work in unison.

With ClickFunnels, this is all simplified. They incorporate all of those things and even more. Providing everything in an easy to use, unified package. Therefore, saving you the hassle of having to deal with every tool individually.

So, ClickFunnels is basically a necessity for ANY online business owner who wants a smaller work load.

how to make money online free affiliate marketingAnother question you’re probably asking yourself is, “why?”. “Why promote ClickFunnels”.

There are SO MANY good reasons to promote ClickFunnels. So let’s get into them!

It’s Free To Get Started!

Our main goal here is to make money online for free with no investment, isn’t it?

So that’s why ClickFunnels is perfect for us!

It’s completely free to join their affiliate program and start earning commissions today!

FREE 100 Day “Affiliate Bootcamp”

how to make money online free affiliate marketing

When you click to sign up to become an affiliate for ClickFunnels, you’re going to get access to Russell Brunson’s (ClickFunnel’s CEO) Affiliate Bootcamp.

This bootcamp is a 100 day training course that will train you exactly how to promote ClickFunnels and become profitable, driving traffic into a funnel that promotes and sells ClickFunnels and all of it’s related products. He also goes through how the “math” works with spending money on ads and earning commissions so you become profitable as quickly as possible!

Spending money on Ads is optional, there are plenty of free methods to get traffic. However, I would recommend investing the money you earn from the free traffic on ads to then earn even more.

Numerous Products To Promote

The ClickFunnels software isn’t the only thing we can promote to earn commissions on. There are plenty of other products available too.

clickfunnels products

Here’s an example of one of the funnels you can promote inside of ClickFunnels. It’s a free book funnel, where Russell gives away his Dotcom Secrets book for free, the customer just has to pay shipping (Around $10) and that pays you a $1 commission.

But then Russell has a number of up-sells that you can also earn commissions from as you can see in the image above.

PLUS the person who got the free book is now ‘sticky cookied’ to you.

This means that even just from ordering the free book, ANYTHING they purchase after this, from this free book funnel, and anything else on ClickFunnels, will be commissioned to you and you will get your 40% cut. So, if they purchased every product Russell offers in this free book funnel, your total commissions would be $967. All from simply giving away a free book.

40% Commissions For Life

Another great thing about ClickFunnels is that you’re going to be getting 40% commissions from every single person you refer, for life. Thanks to the sticky cookie, it doesn’t matter when they purchase something, whether it’s tomorrow or 12 months from now, that commission will come back to you.

This is great because Russell will frequently be emailing customers with new promotions, and products. So anything interests the people you’ve referred and they purchase it from Russell’s email, you’ll earn a 40% commission from that sale.

So as you can see, there are a lot of good reasons to join ClickFunnels.

How To Make Money Online Free Method ClickFunnels

There are many different ways that we can promote ClickFunnels for free. Granted, they’re not as good as buying ads, but it’s still going to work. Let’s talk about some methods I like to use:

Write a Blog

You can create a blog, much like the one you’re on right now. On this blog you can write numerous different articles about ClickFunnels. You could do a review, a comparison with another similar platform or even a “how to” article just like this one you’re reading now.

Once you’ve written some blog posts, you can then share them around where ever you can. Forums, other blogs, social media etc. There are plenty of free traffic options available.

Make a YouTube Video

YouTube, and videos in general are a very powerful tool when it comes to marketing and promoting anything. Google is now starting to rank YouTube videos at the top of their searches, which can drive A LOT of free traffic to your videos.

So, just like writing a blog, there are numerous different videos you can make. You could do one to match each blog, a review video, a comparison video and a “how to” video.

All of these methods are completely free.

However, like I said earlier, I recommend that any money you make from these free methods, you invest it back into your marketing by paying for ads.

This is where you’ll start earning some real good money.

How To Make Money Online Free Method ClickFunnels

Joining and starting your ClickFunnels affiliate journey couldn’t be any easier!

Like I said, it’s free. So all you need to do is sign up.

You can do that by clicking here.

You’ll then be taken to a page where you can start your Affiliate Bootcamp training.

affiliate bootcamp join

Once you’ve clicked to join and you enter your personal details, you will then start your 100 Day Affiliate Bootcamp training which looks like this:

affiliate bootcamp training

Follow the steps given to you each day, and you will be well on your way to earning your first commissions from ClickFunnels, completely for free!

Good luck!

Ready To Start Your Bootcamp Training?

If you’re ready to start now, click the button below to join the FREE 100 Day Challenge!

affiliate bootcamp join now button




10 Easy Ways To Make Money Fast

On this page you’ll find all the best ways to make money in your spare time based on our own experience. We’ll keep adding new ways to this page so go ahead and bookmark it. And please do share your own ideas in the comments!

* Psst, number 6 & 7 on this list are my favorites…


1. Start Your Own Website


Interested in generating passive income? You need a website. It’s THE way to make money while you sleep.

Starting a website with Bluehost takes less than 20 minutes, costs hardly anything and can be done by an 82 year-old. It only takes a bit of plugging on social media to get your first visitors, and there are plenty of ways to monetise your site.

Dream Online Business (The blog you’re on now) is just one example of a successful website.

Read a step-by-step guide on how to start a website in 20 minutes. It’s really one of the best assets you can have.


2. Review Websites & Apps For Cash

Well it seems like you’re pretty nifty with a web browser, so perhaps it’s time to turn pro and browse websites as a paid and fun job!

Introducing – a new platform that pays everyday people to review all kinds of websites. Each review takes around 20 minutes and bags you $10 (£6.50) via Paypal.

Simply sign up here, complete a test review and look forward to receiving websites in your inbox.


3. Online Surveys


cat typing
An increasingly popular way for people to make money is to fill out online surveys in their spare time. Research companies are always recruiting new members to answer surveys and test new products.

For a few minutes of form filling, you can make a couple of quid which is paid as cash or rewards. You can bag up to $5 for some surveys!

My top 3 recommended survey sites are Swagbucks, OnePoll & MySurvey


4. “Get Paid To” Websites


Similar to making money from online surveys, GPT sites reward you in cash and vouchers for completing various offers or activities online.

The most popular sites today are TolunaSwagbucks and InboxPounds.


5. Become a Delivery Rider or Driver


Make money as a delivery driver

Got a bicycle, motorbike or car? What about a Smartphone? That’s all you need to make some extra money by delivering food or people whenever you’ve got some spare time.

Sign up to delivery specialist companies like Deliveroo (UK), UberEats, DashDoor, etc who are always on the hunt for new riders. They allow you total flexibility to work when you want, delivering food from restaurants the the customers’ door. You can make up to $25 an hour.

Double-up your opportunities by directly contacting local takeaways and bigger chains like Dominos to see if they have any delivery jobs going.


6. Write and publish a Kindle eBook


With the Amazon Kindle storeanyone can publish an eBook and make money.

And the Kindle app is now available on almost any device (laptops, iPads, smartphones and yes, Kindles) so your global market is huge!

List your book for $1.49 – $9.99 and you earn 70% of the sale. Considering Amazon is the ultimate selling machine (and remember people are looking to spend), that is a fantastic deal.

kindle ebooksThe key to success with eBooks is to create value, and write non-fiction. Simply bundling information you have researched and complied on a common problem (eg. ‘secrets’ to finding a job) and then presenting it in an easy to digest format (an eBook) justifies someone spending a few quid on it.

Another big tip is to have a great cover designed (browse these) so it stands out, and once your book is live on the Kindle store it’s really important to get some reviews so it shows up higher in results. Encourage readers to leave an honest review at the end of your book.

The best thing about this lucrative idea is that once you’ve invested the time (say 20 hours), you’ll earn a passive income for years to come! For a step-by-step guide to publishing and earning with eBooks, see “Kindle Money Mastery“.


7. Affiliate Marketing


If you’ve got a good presence on social media or perhaps you even have a blog or website, you can start bringing in money immediately by promoting all sorts of companies, products, services and offers online.

Sign up as a publisher on the Awin network, check their offers blog or browse the merchant listings to find something you think your friends would be interested in, grab your affiliate link and share it. If someone buys (can be within up to 90 days) using your link you’ll make a nice commission.

To take it a step further, set up a website (read our guide) or a topical Facebook page and invite all your friends to join it and post your affiliate offers on there.

Or if you’re looking for a more advanced training on Affiliate Marketing you can check out AWOL Academy they have a free PDF and live training.


8. Become a ‘Clickworker’

The concept is based on ‘internet crowd-sourcing’ where businesses advertise specific, scalable tasks they need completing quickly. And for us, it’s an easy way to make fast cash from our couch.


There are a variety of tasks, but most commonly they involve mindless data entry, web research or form filling. You are rewarded and paid in cash (via Paypal) for the work you do, and you can choose for what and when you work. Give it a go. [If you’re US based, also try Amazon’s ‘Mechanical Turk‘].


9. Buy And Sell Domain Names

A domain name is just a website address (eg. ‘’ or ‘’) and there are lots of extensions (.com, .net, etc).

They cost as little as $0.99 to register with yet premium domain names can fetch $1,000s if not millions when sold on. In 2007 went for a cool $35m!

Now you’re probably not going to come across anything like that, but you can still turn a quick profit with a bit of searching. The trick is to find available domain names which have some commercial value, snap them up and then list them for sale on a site like


10. Freelance Work

Perhaps you enjoy writing, managing Facebook pages or doing a little bit of graphic design in your spare time. There are so many freelance jobs out there that require simple skills or just time that someone else might not have.

And the best thing about freelancing is that you can work for clients in the UK and around the world with just an internet connection from home, to your own hours whilst developing valuable skills.

A great place to start is with the leading freelance site

If you want to learn more about becoming a full time freelancer or just how to make more money from freelance work then check out My Freelance Paycheck.

How To Start A Successful Blog And Grow It For FREE (Super Easy)

In this blog post I’m going to share with you how to start a successful blog that generates passive income.

Most people get it all wrong when it comes to starting a blog and generating a real substantial income with it.

I use 4 simple steps when starting my own blog.

This is very straightforward and I work off these steps when starting out. Don’t use free hosting, always get your own domain and hosting.

  • Find hosting & a good domain name
  • Create the site and customize it
  • Fill it with good content that’s keyword optimized
  • Promote

Starting Your Site With Blue Host

In this particular example, I’ll use Blue Host for the hosting and show you how to set it up. It’s cheap and works well.

Good for people on a tight budget.


Choosing The Right Plan And Domain

I would suggest going with the $3.95 plan, you can also upgrade later if you need to.

Blue Host can do free migrations if you aren’t happy with your current host or looking for a change. The other plans do come with marketing extras. However, I don’t use them so I just go with the basic plan.


Think about the domain name for a while because you can’t change it once you’re on the other side.

If you’re doing a blog that’s going to be very active and you want to build awesome amounts of traffic to it then make it brandable. Something weird or something people will remember.

All you really need to do is head over to flame Domain and start clicking. You will know when you’ve found the right domain, it will stand out to you.

Blue Host will take you to the domain section after you have chosen a plan. If you already have a domain name then you can transfer it quick and easy.

Once you have done all that you will be asked to put in your details and payment details.

Once you’ve done that the next page will give you some options, The only one I go with is domain privacy.

It’s not needed though I just like to use it.

So that’s quite simple, right? Just follow the instructions and you’re on your way to making a great blog.

I don’t want to complicate things because it’s very easy to do this. I could go on about options and pricing but there is no reason for that. Blue Host is good cheap hosting and that’s all you need if you’re on a budget.


Installing WordPress And A Few Basic Settings

This step is very easy with a few clicks of a button to get started.

Bluehost will install WordPress for you!

The first thing you need to do is create a password.

Now you choose a theme for your website.

Don’t worry you can change this later if you need to change it.

Once you have done that it’s all done!

You will be taken to a screen that says “Start Building” Click that button.

You will end up here.

Now we just need to launch the website.

Follow the instructions in the picture below by clicking “BlueHost” then “Home” Then “Launch”.

Now all you need to do is name the blog and click “Next Step”

Congratulations! You have just created an amazing website where you can now start blogging!

Once this is done you will be taken to the backend that will look like this.

This is where you can do things like Live Chat and some other options as you can see from the image above.

I love using BlueHost because they have the automatic wordpress install.

Other hosting providers make you install it yourself and it can be time consuming and confusing.

Now that you have the blog setup it’s time to grow it!

Getting Traffic Flowing To Your Blog

Now the fun begins! 

I’m going to show you all the steps I take to bring in large amounts of good engaging traffic to my blog.

All of these methods are free and won’t cost you a cent.

If you’re just learning about blogging then you will find out that traffic is very important. Without it the website is dead.


Ranking For Small Volume Keywords

I’m going to cover this first since it should be done when creating the articles.

This is a huge traffic source for me and it’s often overlooked. When writing articles most people want to target a specific keyword and they usually stick with one keyword.

I choose multiple small volume keywords that will get me to the front page without any backlinks.

I choose keywords that have small search volume, something like 300 a month.


Well, I choose a bunch of them then sprinkle them throughout the article. If I get to the front page for 5 of those keywords and they have 300 searches a month each then that adds up to 1500 a month.

So my article is now in front of 1500 potential readers a month and that’s just one article.

If you have multiple articles doing this can you see the potential?

Once your domain gets stronger they will rank better and faster.

This is what I mean.

first page keywords blogging


The site has nearly 4000 keywords showing up in Google and a large number of them are on the front page.

Even though the volume is small per keyword it all adds up.

Let’s say for example I’m on the front page for 100 keywords that have a search volume of 300 a month each. That comes to 30,000 searches a month and I’m somewhere on the front page for them.

I also show up for some large search terms but the point is you don’t need to target them, you can target smaller easier ones.

This is how you do it.

When you write an article head over to the Google Keyword Planner. You can find this by searching for it on Google.

There will be a section where you can put in a keyword. I put a keyword in about trout, the planner started spitting out trout keywords for me.

keyword planner

So now what I would do is mention those keywords in my trout article where they fit in the best. I would do each keyword 2 or 3 times depending on how long the article was.

Over time, Google will recognize your article and keep bumping you up. If you wrote a good article you will get to the front page for most of the small volume keywords you have chosen.

There is no time frame when this will happen but the stronger your website gets and the more articles you put out the faster it will happen in the long run.

Organic targeted traffic is the best traffic, it always has been.


Niche Related Comments

Find related blogs to comment on, it’s slow traffic but it all adds up.

You will get a nice consistent flow of traffic with the more you do.

Head over to Google and find some websites. I just do a basic search string.


Here’s a trick to increase traffic. Find articles that are new, so a week old and comment on those or even 24 hours old.

If the post gets very popular your comment will be at the top, you will get really good traffic if the post gets popular or they rank for some good keywords.

When you leave the comment there should be a section where you can put your website address. When people click on your name it will take them to your website or page you put in the website section.

Keep things natural, don’t just go around spamming.


Become Active On Niche Related Forums

Find forums about your niche topic then become active on them. Write engaging tutorials and reply to people on the forum.

It’s never a good idea to go around spamming your website on the forums so just enter it into the signature section.


The more active you are the more traffic you get. Try and use a username that’s related to your website or even the site name itself because people will search it in Google.


Answering Niche Related Questions

This is a great way to get traffic when starting a blog, I do this on my sites and YouTube Channel.

Head over to Quora and type in your keyword, find questions to answer.

In the picture below I found someone looking for free traffic methods so I would go in there and link them to this article.

I would explain to them why these methods would work then drop a link.


This is a very effective way of getting traffic to your blog when starting out. It will become a consistent flow of traffic forever since there is a good chance of the topics ranking in Google.


Niche Related Guest Post

This is where you get really good amounts of traffic and Google will start to love you.

Writing on other people’s pages will do just that.

Guest posting is when you write an article on another website then link back to yours. This will get you backlinks and traffic.

I did a guest post on Matthew Woodward’s website and it became popular with over 250 comments.

It gave me a large traffic boost.

mathew woodward

To find guest post opportunities you can do that with Google by entering the search string from this image.

growing your website

Most websites will have a section where you can submit a guest post or contact them to get more information.

This is still one of the strongest ways to grow a blog and will be for a long time.

Have you noticed a trend yet?

This is all niche related stuff, that’s the key here. Niche related traffic will be more engaged in your content.


Use The RIGHT Social Media Platforms

Everyone will tell you to use social media but what platform is best for you?

Find 1 or 2 platforms that fit your niche then work on those hard.

I used Twitter when I first started my blog, I worked on that hard and it brought in so much traffic.

Why Twitter?

Twitter fitted my niche the best since it was about making money and online marketing.

Here’s another great example…

Pinch of Yum is a food blog that was started by a teacher, she found that Pinterest is where her audience hands out. Pinterest now brings in a HUGE amount of traffic for her.


That’s nearly 55,000 pins, can you imagine how much traffic that brings to her blog? Ridiculous amounts.

She was smart and went with the right social media platform to promote her content then concentrated on that.


Posting On Facebook And Google+ Groups

I’ve kept this separate from the social media method above because that was more about building up your social media accounts.

This method is about becoming active in Groups.

On Facebook, there are groups for almost any topic and niche.

By using the search bar you can find groups to join, once you’re in the group become active by adding value. You will soon become a valued member then you can drop links to your articles.

Google+ works the same but it has communities you can join.

Click the home button to get started. This will bring up a page where you can search for communities to post in.

google plus

To post in the community just do a normal post then select the community from the drop down menu at the bottom of the post.

money (2)


Growing An Email List

This is a must!

When you grow an email list you can then send out your new blog content, your returning visitors will share it. This will put the new content in front of new readers for you.

I use Get Response for my email list management. This method isn’t free I’ve added it as a bit of a bonus but Get Response is free for 30 days.

These are all potential return readers as it’s a must to build something like this when you make a blog so you can send out newsletters and let them know what’s going on.


To collect the emails you should create some sort of optin form or popup on your page. I use a plugin called Thrive Leads to do this. It’s a common plugin and you would have seen it around before on other blogs.

You can create good looking forms like this. (you have probably seen this before)



Final Words

I’m going to end it here because that’s all there really is to it, that’s my tutorial showing you how to start a blog. Anyone can try the methods above that’s how easy they are.

You can grow your blog to thousands of visits a month even if you’re just learning to create your own website.

You just need to be active in your niche and make sure you optimize those articles for a bunch of small volume keywords as well as any high volume ones you plan to target.

Sure… building up a blog with these tips will take time with these methods but as the old saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

How To Make Easy Money Flipping Domains

How To Make Easy Money Flipping Domains

Do you want an easy way to make money from the comfort of your home, or anywhere else in the world? Well I’ve found a great way for you to do just that! In the last couple of years, we’ve had a lot of new domains get released. These domains are called Top Level Domains (TLDs). Want to know how to you can make potentially a huge profit by flipping these? Then keep on reading!

Why Flip Domains?

According to GoDaddy’s Top 20 Most Expensive Domains, the most expensive domain ever sold was, which sold for a staggering $872 million. Other domains which sold for an unbelievable amount are for $35.6 million and for $35 million. So, if you’ve got a domain that some big company wants, chances are, they’ll be willing to pay a lot of money for it.

That’s what we’re going to be looking for. Cool, catchy domain names that hopefully in the near future, companies are going to want.

If we’re lucky, we can find these domain names and buy them now while they’re cheap, and in maybe 1 week, maybe 10 years (nobody knows when) somebody will want the domain names we own.

How Do We Buy These Domain Names?

I’ve got a few simple steps that you can follow to easily find and purchase some domain names. Follow these steps and you’ll be on your way to potentially making a huge profit flipping domains!

Step 1: Check Out The TLDs

The first thing we’re going to want to do is to look at the list of different TLDs that are available. There are hundreds of them!

We’re going to want to find the most cool and catchy ones that we think somebody will want to purchase in the future.

Click here to see Namecheap’s List of TLDs

If you click the link above, you should see a web page that looks something like this:

how to flip domains

On this web page is a list of all the new TLDs that are available.

Before, we only had the ones like: .com, .org, .net and all of the other common ones you see.

Now, however, we have hundreds of new ones to choose from such as: .app, .guru, .academy.

Step 2: Find TLD’s You Like

You’re going to have to use your imagination a little here and get creative.

Think of some key words. Maybe use your interests. For example, I’m interested in fitness, photography, gaming and making money.

So I’ll use these key words and look through the list of TLDs to see which one I can use to make a cool domain name.

Just on the first page I can see the TLD “.academy” and I think that the domain name “” would be a catchy one that someone might want some day.

how to flip domains

There is a huge list of over 25 pages to go through. You can narrow it down using the filters if you’d like.

But just keep looking until you find some that you like.

Step 3: Check If The Domain Name Is Available

This part is actually the most frustrating. Because these domains have been out now for a while already, you might find that the ones you want are already taken and are being sold for huge amounts already.

Don’t let this dishearten you. Keep looking until you find some that are in your price range.

To find if the domains are available, we’re not going to use Namecheap, because they’re actually ridiculously expensive on there for some reason.

We’re going to use another website: 123reg. 

Click the link above and you should see this web page:

123reg domain flipping

Here, we can search for any of the domain names that we’ve come up with and check if they’re available for purchase.

So I liked the domain name so I’m going to enter that into the search box.

The frustrating part..

123reg domain flipping registered

As you can see, the domain has already been registered.

So unfortunately for me, I’m going to have to think of a new one.

So I’ll have to go back to the list of TLDs and find another one.

Or, I can go through the list that 123reg has provided me of other domains that are similar to the one I searched for.

Step 4: Purchase The Domain You Like

how to flip domains fitness

So looking through the list that they provided me of similar domain names, I actually liked I think it’s nice, short and catchy.

So I’m going to go ahead and purchase that one.

To do this, simply click “Add to basket” and go through the checkout as you usually would when purchasing anything online.

Step 5: Sell The Domain (2 Methods)

I’ve got 2 different methods that you can try to sell your domains. The first way is a long term method, but it’s easy. The second way is more short term, however, it does take more work.

Method 1 – Long Term, But Easy

This method involves finding a marketplace to sell your domain.

There are a bunch of different marketplaces available: flippa or sedo are probably the most popular. Just search on google “sell domain names” and you can choose whatever marketplace you like. Or you can read this post by Morgan Linton showing you the Top 10 Places To Sell Your Domain Names.

Simply advertise your domain on there and wait for someone to one day stumble across your domain name and want to buy it.

The marketplaces usually take a small commission once you make a sale (they need to make money too).

I also recommend you make your domain actually redirect to the sales page of where they can purchase your domain.

This way, if someone wanted to buy, once they enter that URL, they will be redirected to flippa or sedo (whichever marketplace I’ve used) where they can then purchase the domain.

Method 2 – Short Term, But Requires Some Work

This method involves either a little bit of work on your part, or spending money to hire someone to do the work for you.

For this method, you’re going to be emailing other companies with a similar niche as your domain, letting them know what domain name you have and basically asking them if they want to buy it from you.

So, because I purchased the domain I’ll need to do some research on other websites with similar domain names and email everyone I possibly can until somebody hopefully wants to buy it.

This can take some time and it does get a little tedious sending all of these emails.

This is why I said you can hire somebody if you want.

I recommend going to Fiverr or UpWork and hiring somebody to do the work for you.


Firstly go to whichever website you choose (I’ll use UpWork for this example) and search for “virtual assistant research

upwork how to flip domains



Because the task is fairly simple, I would probably try to find somebody who will work for cheaper (around $5). This usually means you’ll have to filter your search to only show people working from countries like The Philippines.

how to flip domains philippines

Find somebody with some good reviews and a reasonable price, let them know what you want them to do, and hopefully they will find somebody to buy your domain!

That’s It!

That’s all the steps you need to take to flip domains!

It’s a very simple process that can potentially yield some massive profits.

This will all require some patience though. Don’t be surprised if you’re holding onto these domain names for a few years.

You might get lucky, and they might sell fairly quickly.

However, this is usually not the case and you’re probably going to be waiting a while for them to sell.

But you have to do nothing, just keep it in the marketplace until it’s sold. So it’s a very easy way to make money!


4 Simple Steps To Start Making Money on eBay

4 Simple To Steps To Start Making Money on eBay

If you want to start making money online at home or anywhere else in the world, quickly, with no investment needed, selling on eBay is a great way to do this! There are so many good reasons to start selling on eBay and earning an income online, today:

It’s Fast and Easy to Get Started 

You can upload a product right now, within a few minutes and could sell it numerous times just today!

It’s Free To Start

There is no cost to you whatsoever. The only fees you will incur are eBay and PayPal fees. But they come after you’ve made a sale and a profit already.

There Are Millions of People Already Buying

There are over 171 million active users on eBay, according to Statista. eBay has become so successful at helping sellers reach buyers, that now, around 40% of home businesses that sell online don’t even have a website. They sell on eBay instead!

eBay Is Growing Every Day

They already have 171 million active users now, but it’s still growing every single day. So it’s never too late to start selling and earning money online!

Before We Start – Here Is My Number 1 Recommendation

If you’re looking for a legitimate way to make a full time income online then click the button below to see my number 1 recommendation that’s helped me make over $500,000 in the last 12 months from home.

Five Minute Profit Sites Review


Here Are The 4 Simple Steps To Start Making Money Online With eBay

Step 1: Create an Account

This step is self explanatory.

Before we start selling and earning money online, we need to make an eBay account. Go to the eBay website by clicking here and register your account.

Step 2: Research Items

So now we’ve got our account created, we can start straight away researching items to sell and start earning our commissions!

This is the longest step and can take some practice finding items to sell. But don’t worry, after you’ve found that first item, it all gets easier from there.

How To Research Items

Get creative, think of an item that you think people will want to buy.

Try not to find an item that’s too popular or an item that nobody is buying. We want something kind of in the middle.

We also want something that we can make a decent profit on. So don’t look for items that are very cheap that we would only make a couple of bucks profit on.

I tend to look for items that are $100 or more and have a profit of at least $30 per sale. Otherwise, it’s not really worth our time.

Top Tip

When searching for the items you want to sell, on the left hand side of the screen you will see “Show only“, under that list, make sure the “Sold items” button is ticked. This way, eBay will show us only items that have been sold recently. This is what we want, because we know people are buying these items.

Example of Finding An Item

For this example, I searched on eBay for “Countertop pizza oven“.

I clicked “sold items” on the left hand side and then scrolled down until I found an item that I thought might work. Sticking to my criteria of finding something over $100.

This is the item I found:


The next trick is to right click the image they have used and click on “Search Google for image“. This will search all of google for websites that are using the same image.


The search results revealed this:

I clicked the result for the Walmart website and saw this:

So this is exactly the same item that was sold on eBay for $143.98, however on the Walmart website, we can buy it for only $89.99

We’ve found our first item!

The hardest step is now complete!

Step 3: Find Another Seller

The next step is to find someone who’s doing the exact same thing as us. Selling items on eBay and dropshipping them to customers from other websites.

If you’ve completed step 2, then this step is simple. Because more than likely, the person the sold the item we found is the seller we’re looking for.

So we can click on the item and look at the sellers profile.

We can then check what other items they’re selling.

Turns out, I was correct. This seller is doing the exact same thing as we’re trying to do.

However, this person is for sure doing this full time. Probably earning a huge income online by selling on eBay.

They have 1600+ positive reviews and have over 3000 items for sale.

So now we’ve found our seller, it’s time to move on to the final step.


Here’s where the fun begins.

Where we can start actually making money with eBay.

With that seller we found, we’re going to go through his items, choosing ones we want to sell and basically completing step 2 again.

So we can click on his profile and click on “Items for sale

Every item we look at on his profile, we’ll right click the image and click once again “Search Google for image“.

Every item we do this for, if we find it cheaper on another website than this seller is selling it for, we’ll use that item too and we’ll also sell it ourselves.

But make sure you put it at a slightly cheaper price than this seller has it for, so we show up higher on search results.

It’s As Easy As That..

We’re basically done now. Those are the 4 simple steps to make money online by dropshipping on eBay.

It’s now up to you to find some items to sell, start an auction on eBay for each item and get selling.

I Made a Sale, Now What?

So once you’ve made a sale, this is where the dropshipping aspect comes in.

You’ll obviously have the customers delivery address once they’ve purchased from you.

So now you’ll have to go to the other website where you found the item for cheaper than you sold it for, buy it from that website and in the delivery address, enter your customers address.

Top Tip

You don’t want your customer to see the receipt from where you purchased the item.

So what we’re going to do is if the website has a “Send As A Gift” option, we’re going to select that. This way, they won’t send a receipt with the item.

That’s It

You’re now ready to start selling and earning an income online!

Here Is My Recommendation To Start Earning Income Online

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How to Make Money Online Testing Websites – With UserTesting

UserTesting – Earn Money Visiting Websites

Are You Looking To Earn A Side Income Online? UserTesting Is A Great Way To Make Money Online, Easily From Your Home Or Anywhere In The World. Keep Reading To Find Out How You Can Get Started.

Get Paid To Test Websites

Want to get paid to test websites online?

There’s a company called User Testing that will do just that.

This isn’t going to make you rich. However, it is a nice bit of extra income that you can get easily and make a few hundred bucks a month from.

What’s nice, is that they pay directly into your PayPal account too.

If You’re Looking To Make A Full Time Income From Home Click The Button Below:

So What Is UserTesting?

Image result for usertesting logo

UserTesting is a platform that big companies use to find normal people like us to test our their websites for them.

They do this for a few reasons. Maybe they want to find out if their website has any glitches or bugs, or maybe they just want to see if users are able to find a particular feature on their website easily or not. They can use this information to improve their websites and improve their usability.

You can be one of these testers and get paid to do it!

How Does UserTesting Work?

User Testing makes it very easy to earn a side income online.

Here’s a simple breakdown of how UserTesting works:

  • Stay logged into your computer and the UserTesting website.
  • When a test that suits your profile is available, you will receive a website test invitation.
  • You then have to have to go through a screener and answer some simple questions to find out if you’re suited for this particular test.
  • If you are, then the test will begin – you must make sure that you read through all of the instructions properly and understand it.
  • UserTesting will then take you to the website that needs to be tested and your screen will start to be recorded using UserTesting’s screen recording software – this allows the companies you’re testing for to see what you’re seeing on your screen and any issues that you might encounter. But don’t worry – your face isn’t recorded, only your screen.
  • While you’re browsing around the website, completing the tests, you’ll need to speak your thoughts aloud into your microphone. Everything that you do, everything you think, you must speak it aloud so that the companies know what you’re trying to do and what you’re experiencing.
  • Each test will take you around 10-20 minutes, depending on how easily you can complete the tasks. Once you’ve finished the recording, you’ll then need to answer up to 4 follow-up written questions, which take just a couple of minutes.
  • That is it. Once you’ve done that, the recording and all of the information gets sent to the company and you just wait to get paid.

How Much Does UserTesting Pay?

You will get $10 for every test that you complete. Considering they only take 10-20 minutes, this is pretty decent pay. You could make up to $60 per hour.

Here’s a testimonial on Reddit from someone who earned $60 in one hour, with proof.

Some tests pay a little bit less ($3). However, these tests only take around 3-5 minutes.

Some tests pay a lot more ($30). These tests take a little bit longer. Around 30-40 minutes.

So there is quite a lot of money to be made here.

They pay you exactly 1 week after, to the minute, of when you finish a test.

If you finish a test on a Monday at 11:04am, you will get paid next Monday at 11:04am.

Who Can Do It?

UserTesting accepts residents of these countries:

  • USA
  • Africa
  • Middle East
  • India
  • Asia Pacific
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • The Caribbean
  • Canada
  • Greenland

What Do You Need To Get Started?

You don’t need a lot to get started. Most of these you will already have:

  • You must be 18 years or older.
  • You will need a steady internet connection.
  • A PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet (some tests are for mobile apps)
  • A microphone.
  • The ability to speak your thoughts aloud in English.

Pro’s and Con’s Of UserTesting


  • Work from anywhere you want
  • Money is pretty good
  • Pays directly into your PayPal in just 1 week
  • The work is easy
  • Easy to apply


  • There aren’t many tests to do, so you can’t do this full time
  • Pay is not instant

How Do I Start?

You can apply to be a tester by clicking here, once you’ve applied you will have to do a demo test.

The test is very easy and only takes around 5-10 minutes.

The test will be just like you will do in a real test. You will record your screen and speak your thoughts aloud.

This is just so they can hear your voice, test the quality of your microphone and also to see if you’re actually able to speak your thoughts.

You will then have to fill out your demographic information in order for them to send you tests that you might be suitable for.

In Conclusion

User Testing is a great way to earn an extra side income online from anywhere in the world or the comfort of your home.

It’s a very easy way for anyone with a microphone, a smartphone, a PC and an internet connection to earn some extra income.

But like I said, it will not make you rich, and you won’t be able to do this and earn a full time income.

If You’re Looking To Make A Full Time Income:

3 Simple Steps To Making Money As An Affiliate

3 Simple Steps To Making Money As An Affiliate


Welcome to my guide on how to make money as an affiliate. I’m going to break down the 5 easy to follow steps to making money as an affiliate.

Of course, a blog post is inherently limited in it’s ability to deliver content of this magnitude which is why I strongly encourage you to click here and register for our upcoming Online “Master Class” where I’ll obviously be better able to illustrate the concepts contained within the following post.

With that being said if you follow these steps you’ll have all the knowledge you need to start creating an income on demand with affiliate marketing. So without rambling on lets get into the first step shall we?

Step 1 – Finding Your Target Audience


Whether you’re looking to promote something in the health and fitness niche, the real estate niche, the online marketing niche, vegan niche, etc etc. You need to find out if people are actually searching online for what it is you have to sell them! Because without people looking online for what you have to sell, you’re not going to sell much. So the first thing we need to do is to find your target audience.

We do this by using Google’s “Keyword Planner” tool (


Lets go with weight loss as an example. As you can see above I did a search for “lose weight” in the Google Keyword Planner tool
After doing the search the Keyword Planner will then show us a number of related searches as well as how many people are searching for that keyword phrase each month in Google.
So you might be wondering what does this all mean?
Well in this above example, you can see that hundreds of thousands of people are looking for various weight loss solutions.
The great thing about the Google Keyword Planner is you can search for data on any problem or desire you can think of.
Here’s a few examples off the top of my head for products I know people always to buy online:
“How to stop acne”
“How to make money online”
“How to grow prize winning tomatoes”
“How to play the guitar”
You get the point… The only limit is your imagination here.
Now when looking at these search results, one of the key factors to look at is the “Avg. monthly searches” because this shows how many people are actually looking for a solution / desire they want fulfilled online, and thanks to affiliate marketing you can place a product in front of these people who are looking for what you have to sell… I’ll explain more in the next steps.

Step 2. Finding The Perfect Product

So by now you’ve found a niche with a large audience that has a problem or a desire that people want, now all we need to do is find a product we can offer to them.
That’s where Affiliate Networks step in. If you’re unsure what an affiliate network is, in a nutshell it’s a website that connects product creator with affiliates (like you and I) who want to promote their product and earn a commission on any sales we send their way.
(I’ll leave a list of my recommended affiliate networks at the bottom of this post for you to check out!)
So lets continue using the Weight Loss example we showed in step 1 here, and lets head over to and find a product related to losing weight.


I’ve found an example of a product after looking on the Clickbank Marketplace for a weight loss offer that pays a rather nice commission.

As a general rule of thumb, the higher the commissions that can be earned, the greater the profits, we I think we both want to make more profits for the same amount of work.
Assuming this product is something we want to promote, we simple click the red “Promote” button next to the offer and you’ll be given a unique Affiliate Link that’s custom coded to you, so if someone clicks that link and buys, you make a commission, in this products case it’s a 75% commission for an average of $46.25 per sale. Not too bad.
Now lets move onto Step 3 (This is where it gets exciting)

Step 3 – Creating A Killer Sales Funnel

Okay, so at this point we have identified an audience with a problem or desire and we have an offer to promote to them. Awesome.

Next (and this is the most important piece that most people do wrong or completely skip altogether and fail) we need to create what’s called a Sales Funnel. This enables us to sell as much of this product as possible, almost on complete autopilot. 


Here’s the Blueprint for creating your Sales Funnel:




If this doesn’t make sense to you right now, don’t worry I got you.


Lets break this image down:

The circle “Audience” above represents the audience we’ve identified, now noticed how inside of that audience is an image labeled “Ad”.

This represents the advertisement that we’ll deliver to that audience (We’ll get to that part next).

When someone clicks on our ads online they’re going to be taken over to what call in the online marketing world a “Squeeze Page” (as seen in the Blueprint above).


What is a “Squeeze Page”?

Good question.

A Squeeze Page is a  basic website that we’ll use to capture the visitors email address (we’ll example why in just a moment).

This simple website (squeeze page) pre-frames the offer and gives the visitor an incentive to hand over their email address to you.

For example, if we were to run this weight loss campaign our Squeeze Page headline might say something like…

Free Video Reveals…
How To Lose 10 Pounds of Belly Fat In The Next 10 Days
Without Giving Up The Food You Love!

Enter Your Email Address Below To Get Instant Access…


If goes without saying that we’d only use a headline if the offer can actually fulfill that promise which means doing a bit of research on your end first to see if the product can deliver that. (NOTE: Never lie in your marketing, it ruins the industry and make you look bad).

If the person who clicked on our advertisement is series enough about getting the results you’re offering them, then they’ll likely enter their email address to get the free video / more information.

As depicted in the above Blueprint, we’d then automatically send the visitor to our Affiliate Link which sends them to the sales page for this offer and gives them a chance to buy.

You’ll notice in the Blueprint that there are two arrows leading away from the Squeeze Page.

One linking to the “Offer” (we’ve already covered that one) and the other linking to the “Autoresponder”.


What is an Autoresponder?

Without boring you with the technical stuff, simple put an Autoresponder is an email marketing database. When someone enters their email for on your Squeeze Page to get more information on the offer we’re promoting, it will capture that email address and it allows us to send more marketing material to that prospect via email.

Here’s the cool part, it’s called an “Autoresponder” because it emails the visitor automatically for you. (How cool is that?)

Think about this for a moment…

The chances of someone landing on the sales page for the affiliate offer you’re promoting and deciding to buy right there on the spot is pretty slim right?

I mean how often do you stumble upon an offer online and instantly pull out your credit card to buy it right there on the spot?

Let me guess, not often, right?

Well, the same is true for almost everyone else online. Minus a few exceptions.

So, by capturing that prospect’s email address, we now have the ability to follow up with them via email, all on autopilot. This gives us multiple opportunities to present the offer to the prospect and get the sale.

In other words, before we ever place the Advertisement for this offer, we’ve already created a series of 7 – 1o simple emails in the autoresponder that will go out to the prospect’s everyday for the next 7 – 10 days after someone enters their email for more information about the offer you’re promoting. (Don’t worry this is really easy to set up)

Those emails might contain:
– Testimonials from people who’s tried the offer
– More in depth information about the offer
– Objection handlers
– Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
– Bonus’ and incentives for them buying through your link
– Etc etc…

In every one of those emails, not matter what the content, we always have a link that will go back to the affiliate offer’s sales page, giving the prospect another chance to purchase…

… and when they finally do purchase, we get paid a commission!

Keep in Mind:

This ALL happens on autopilot. You set this up just once and technology takes care of the rest…

…and you can earn commissions whether you’re working, sleeping, out to dinner with friends, or even on vacation!



As stated at the start of this post, there’s obviously a lot more to this than I can possibly convey in a simple blog post…

… which is why most of our readers choose to Click Here And Register For Our Free Online Training Workshop where we can better teach you how to implement all of this.

With that said, it’s my sincere hope that you at least have an idea about how to get started and see that there are REAL, LEGITIMATE options for you to earn an income WITHOUT a job, a boss, or some boring schedule that reigns over your life.


The following are the Dirt-Cheap Software Tools we currently use everyday in our business to execute exactly what we’ve covered in this handbook…

1. Autoresponder: Click Here for Get Response
2. Squeeze Page Builder: Click Here for Clickfunnels
3. Tracking Software: Click Here for Click Magick
4. Affiliate Networks (You can also google search “Affiliate Networks):
Click Here for ClickBank
Click Here for Max Bounty
Click Here For Share-A-Sale